So, what’s this page all about?

Day after day, so many ideas run over my head and fade unexplored – I feel mugged by myself! This page is a one-men effort to collect in one place all of my brains and should anything valuable comes out this endeavor – share it with anyone who might be concerned!

It’s is about sharing, because there is no point of being aware if there is no one to share!

I’m not a doctor, professor or scientist! In fact, I don’t find myself extraordinary at all! The only thing you might find interesting about me is, that for the last 15 years I have developed and upgraded the skill of building communities around the idea of health! I was not schooled how to do it and it came to me as consequence of my affection with health and the urge to infect everyone around me with it!

Unexpectedly this gave me the answer to the hardest two questions I have ever faced – how to be happy and how to help other people be happy too!

Few words about me

A bit over 30 years old, I live in Sofia – Bulgaria with my beautiful wife Ivelina and my extremely hairy dog – Shani! (as seen on the picture 🙂 )

I’ve been teaching group classes since I was 20 years old (that’s 2003) but by then, coaching was not a reputable and well paid career and I was forced to do it aside to all the other “real” jobs, that were paying the bills… sort of…

Luckily things have took their turn and I got the chance to tilt my life into the direction I craved! Ever since I was able to turn fully to coaching, I found my center, my true avocation, and a steady stream of income! As a generous bonus also came fair amount of free time that I used to expand my awareness and lately – to put together this web page!


Read a short biography and know me better here…


What’s in it for you?

Because I respect you…

I’ll brake every marketing strategy that the “experts” recommend me to force on you, simply because I my goal isn’t to pick your brain for profit!

– No ads in the articles
– No bribes to subscribe
– No Opt-in pop-ups (men do I hate those!)
Only fast and accessible info about the topics you love!

Because I know how valuable your time is..

I’ll make voice overs of the most interesting posts that you can enjoy on the go! Knowing how fast the city can be I find that the best way to consume info is trough your ears, so you can let all your other attention mechanism take care of automated activities like driving, riding on the subway, washing the dishes, shopping groceries, or pretending you listen to people that your are actually ignoring…

Because I know truth is personal…

I won’t try to convince you that the only right way is my way! Not here to teach, but to share! If you are reading those lines you are already trying to be at your best! There is no right or wrong! There is only what works and what doesn’t! If it doesn’t work for you then I will never judge you dismissing me! I even count on this, because in arguing emerges the good-enough truth!.

Happy reading!